Installation of the monitoring process

The following tutorial shows how to install the monitoring process. The monitoring process will be installed by the control-center. After the monitoring process has been installed and started, the control-center can be removed from the monitored PC.

Please note, that the control-center is only required to install, uninstall and configure the monitoring process. In addition, the records can also be opened. It's recommended to copy the control-center to another directory or to a removable storage device (USB flash drive) and start it from there if necessary.

1. Download and open the control-center on the monitored PC. By starting the control-center, you will be asked if you want to install the monitoring process. Click «Yes».
In case, the dialog was dismissed, click «Settings» (1) and then «Yes» (2).
2. After successful installation, the settings will open. Click «Start» to start the monitoring process.